specializing in glock trigger work & custom glock, m&P and sig P320 frame stippling

Q:  do you do any repair work, or work on frames that have been previously modified by either stippling or grinding?   

A:  due to the liability involved i no longer do frame repair work or work on frames that have been modified in any way.  period.  if you send me a frame that is cracked or damaged, or has been modified in any way (stippling, dremeling, etc.) IT WILL BE SENT RIGHT BACK TO YOU and you will be charged a $50 administrative fee + $30 in return shipping for said frame to be returned.      

Q:  what do the different texture finishes look like?

A:  whether you choose the aggressive, medium or mild finish, THE TEXTUREs WILL LOOK THE SAME - they will just feel different.

Q:  i don't want to do this as a business, or pay you for all the hard work, time, money and trial and error that you obviously poured into mastering your craft. can you just send me some kind of tutorial on how you do things, especially that cool border?

A:  um, no.  seriously, even bothering to ask me to share trade secrets that i've worked so hard to develop for for free is just dumb.  like i said earlier, this is my business, not just some hobby i do in my spare time.   

Q:  yes But i'm not looking to do this as a business.  can't you just tell me how to do it so i can  work on my own guns? 

See answer below...        

Q:  your prices are a lot higher than (insert other shop w/crappy stippling's name), would you match their prices?

A:  ok i have actually never been asked this question before, and i think it's because my clients know that i charge what i do because the level of my work far exceeds 99% of what's out there.  the other 1% charges roughly the same or more, and most of those shops currently have a very long turnaround time.  here's the deal: if all you are looking for is cheap stippling, then it doesn't really matter where you send your frame.  if, on the other hand, you want high quality work, then be prepared to pay for it.  it's like sausage king jimmy dean said, "i'd much rather explain the price than have to apologize for the quality!"     

Q:  how is it possible for you to do such high quality work in such a short amount of time?!?! 

A:  this is my full-time business.  i work constantly, and over the years have developed several tools and techniques that save me a tremendous amount of time and effort on tedious processes like sanding and such. plus i'm a ninja, and ninja's are naturally just wicked fast.    

Q:  is your turnaround time really just 2 weeks?!?! 

A:  yes.  if something changes i will post a notice on the home page, but it typically only takes 2 weeks for me to work my magic.     

Q:  Do you offer any military, law enforcement, first responder, industry professional, multi-gun, Black Friday, smoking hot girlfriend or any other discounts?

A:  NO.  First i already have a smoking hot wife, so your girlfriend's powers have no affect on me. Second, as a one-man shop my prices are based on the time I have invested in each piece and not who my customer is.  finally, with the way I package my services, and the fact that I have probably the fastest turnaround time in the industry, i feel that you are already getting your money's worth.    

policies & Frequently Asked Questions