specializing in custom stippling, glock grip reductions & glock trigger enhancements

texture under trigger guard: $25

This option adds a border filled area of texture under the trigger guard to enhance grip for the support hand. 

texture frame flats

(both sides): $50

this option adds a border filled area of texture on each side of the frame in front of the takedown levers where your support thumb would go, giving you both an index point and extra grip.  

Extended layout: $150

basic layout: $100

_____optional enhancements _______ 

                                                        ( options are only available with a frame enhancement package.)

Sig p320/250 stippling work 

(special pricing for the sig p320 frame modules using the stock layout)

Custom layout: $195

_____Custom P320 Frame enhancement_____ 

                                                               ( shown with frame flat and trigger guard texture options.)

  • Sig P320 Frame Ehnancement packages     
    By replacing the stock texture with our proprietary “Tactical Texture” the Sig P320 Grip enhancement package is designed to improve the ergonomics and provide a more aggressive grip purchase.  these enhancements and special pricing allow you to quickly and easily take your sig grip module to the next level!  The Sig P320 stippling package also includes some minor grip profiling as well as taking down the sharp edges in and around the trigger guard area.