specializing in glock trigger work & custom glock, m&P and sig P320 frame stippling

                              steve reichert

                                                           Retired US Marine, T1G Founder





         Post from Steve's Instagram page: www.instagram.com/SteveReichert03xx                                                                                                                         



"Just got my Sig P320 frame back from Tactical Texture and Triggers.  I'm overly impressed with the work he did and the attention to detail.  The pistol now fits my hand and stays in place.  His turnaround time is only 2 or so weeks.  Give them a look @tacticaltexture"


lT. Randy Krause - Rockwood police dept.

Gen 3 Glock 22.

"I just came into work and was pleasantly surprised to find my frame waiting for me.  

All I can say is, 'WOW!'   It feels awesome in the hand, and looks like a work of art.

I can not recommend your work enough!"

burton b.

FDE Gen 4 Glock 19.

"Mike, all I can say is WOW!  You took my already favorite gun and made it AMAZING!  I could not be more pleased with your work.  You will be getting my G26 and G17 before too long. You have a gift!  Thanks, and God Bless."

Chris R.

Gen 3 Glock 17

"Wow.  Seriously, WOW!  I just got it and it fits like a glove and feels amazing!  You may have a Gen 3 Glock 26 coming in for the same treatment after I put a few rounds through this one. I will definitely be recommending you on the forums and Facebook.  This thing is making me excited about Glocks again.  It is such an improvement over the original Gen 3 grip!"

Nathan B.

Gen 3 Glock 20SF

"Oh man you do absolutely amazing work!  And I'm so glad the mag scallop did what I thought it would for me.  Much easier to release, and I don't have to worry about holster capability with an extended one.  Thank you for your amazing work Mike.  I'll forever have your services in my recommendation for friends and family."

Patrick P.

Glock G30S

"Been at the range all morning - like having a completely different pistol.  Thanks again brother."

David o.

Comment via facebook

"You do outstanding work, I'm going to buy a Glock (another, got three right now) just to have you stipple it.  Especially one that hasn't been well kept, just to see the transformation."

Ryan D.

Gen 4 Glock 19

"Wow Mike, this is awesome!  I wasn't sure what to expect, but the pictures don't do your work justice...  Very clean, professional, outstanding work.  My G19 is now comfortable to hold and shoot.  Good-bye Glock Knuckle!  Thanks for the quick turnaround and the great responsiveness to my questions.  I'm now a believer!"

Clayton T.

Gen 4 Glock 19.

"I just wanted to let you know that I am blown away by the attention to detail and craftsmanship with my handgun.  Your work is top-notch.  I've been able to take it to the range several times so far and I don't have a single complaint yet.  You were a pleasure to work with as well.  Your communication definitely made the process smooth.  You'll be getting more of my business.  If you have anyway that I can help spread the word let me know."

                        LArry Vickers

                                               Master Sergeant (Retired)

                                               US Army SOF Combat Veteran



Post from the Larry Vickers Facebook page: www.facebook.com/larryvickers

"I got a chance to check out a Gen 4 FDE Glock 17 that had been worked over by Tactical Texture and Triggers, LLC. and I must say the work was superb - Very, very clean with an excellent duty grade trigger.  

Based on what I saw you may want to contact Mike before he gets buried in work and has a huge backlog!"